The Growing Demand in the Home Care Market

Part of our firm’s core competency is providing marketing and communication services to hospitals, community health centers, disability providers and home health care agencies.  During the past few years we have focused on the home health care industry. It is a growing market that historically has not marketed its services to the various demographic groups it serves. But, with aging baby boomers, who have to take care of aging parents or loved ones, there is a growing demand for home care services, nationwide. Our firm specializes in helping both profit and nonprofit home care agencies create marketing and Internet plans to grow their businesses.

>>> Learn more about our services for home care agencies and/or download our white paper Elder Caregiving In the Digital Age: Finding Quality Homecare Services.

Working with Startups

Connecticut's entrepreneurs, several of which are our clients, are picking up steam - closing on angel investment rounds, scoring state and federal economic development grants and breaking in to new markets. Read the white paper that helped several of them start their marketing campaigns on the right foot. Or learn more about our work with the startup community.

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Community Relations for Schools: Marketing Public Education

More that ever investment in and commitment to public education for early childhood, K-12 and higher education markets is critical for our society and future generations. Understanding the key issues and challenges facing educators in their community with such issues as federal and state mandates, program misconceptions, testing issues, safety in schools, declining public support, changing enrollment needs, recruiting, superintendent support, crisis response planning and school redistricting is important for citizens to know about and act on for the benefit of our children. First Experience Communications has worked with over 60 school districts in creating community relations programs. Visit our education section to learn more.

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