The Benefits of Following a Process

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According to David Baker, a leading U.S.-based management consultant for the creative services field (advertising, design, public relations and marketing), there are many reasons why people shun process. Baker states, “There’s a thrill in diving into an empty pool and inventing water on the way down. It’s a drug-like high to face a blank sheet of paper with each project and, with as little help as possible, make something out of nothing, once again emerging to a standing ovation.”1

In these difficult economic times companies are never really sure what will happen from day to day, however, one way to stabilize the company’s balance is to maintain a structured process. When you have a process in place for accomplishing daily tasks then employees will be able to spend more time focusing on the end result rather than the process. This will enable them to reach a greater standard of work from day to to day. If you have to “reinvent the wheel” everyday, not only are you spending most of your time creating something that you’ve already created; you’ll also be unable to do great work for your clients and reach the next level of productivity.

The benefits of following processes within your organization are numerous. Your clients will appreciate the high level of work you produce for them, thus leading to new business and bigger profits. It will also enable you to take a look at your process from time to time so that you can add to it or change it to accommodate your changing business model as your company grows. And, the most important benefit is that you won’t have to solve the same problems everyday – instead your employees can focus on producing the best work possible for your clients.

1 Baker, David. “Bringing More Process to Creativity”. Communications Arts Magazine, January/February 2009.

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