Our objective counsel provides companies and organizations with market communication strategic plans that always begins with end goals in mind. Everything starts with the right questions. We conduct a market/communication audit to get a snapshot of the current situation, then gather consensus on what an organization wants to achieve. Through knowledge and experience, we provide counsel and sustained support to deliver bottom-line results. Here is our Integrated Marketing Communication Process Model we use to create effective market communication strategy and tactics:

1. Discovery: Situation Analysis  –– “What’s happening Now?”

  • Define: Opportunities and challenge from client to targeted audience(s) and vice-versa
  • Purpose: Determine Internal and External perspectives, perceptions and competition
  • Tools: Primary and secondary research through informal and formal methods by using surveys, reviewing and analyzing existing materials, focus groups, interviews, etc.
  • Outcome: Comprehensive overview findings report and recommendations

2. Creating: Planning & Programming –– “What should we say, do or change?”

Information gathered and evaluated from situation analysis will determine what goals, objectives, strategies and tactics should be incorporated into a market plan

  • Purpose: Define how to get internal and external audiences to gain acceptance of idea(s), attitudes and beliefs
  • Tools: Advertising, public relations, promotion via campaigns, direct marketing, Internet, etc.
  • Outcome: Creation of a comprehensive market communications plan and budget that include the necessary tactics that support the plan

3. Implementing: Taking Action and Communicating ––”How do we do it?”

  • Purpose: Achieve the specific objectives for each of the publics/audiences in order to accomplish the goals
  • Action Plan: Timetable, production (collateral, ads, websites, etc.), personnel assignments
  • Outcome: Implement the market communication plan and the tactics that support the plan

4. Outcome: Evaluation and Assessment –– “How are we doing?”

  • Purpose: Assessing the preparation, implementation, and results of the plan
  • Outcome: To make adjustments based upon the evaluation feedback and to determine if the plan should be continued, stopped or modified