Our investment in and commitment to non-profits reflects First Experience Communications’ stature as a premiere, social marketing company. We are equipped with the knowledge and skill set to help non-profit organizations and associations across the country to communicate their value to society and compete for public support.

Non-profit organizations and associations are challenged by public policy cuts, changes and the tug-of-war over health care insurance costs. Charitable organizations face increasing competition for funding, declining support from government decision-makers and the necessity to shift to a choice-driven/ involvement-oriented approach to reach a new generation of donors. Social service providers are asked to do more work with less resources than ever before.

This section shares actual challenges First Experience Communications has addressed on behalf of non-profit organizations, associations and government agencies. We have partnered with administrators, volunteers, senior staff and boards of directors to tackle problems ranging from public policy to public awareness, fundraising to membership, social marketing to strategic communications – some of the solutions we have provided to others may serve as examples to help you, as well. Our tools and services are outlined for you here, as well as the benefits they offer non-profits.