New Web Site Launched for Design By Analysis

Posted on 22. Jun, 2011 by in Blog, Website

Recently, we launched a new web site for the New Britain engineering firm Design By Analysis. The site aligns with the company’s unique message of integrating multiple sciences to deliver innovative machines and structures for aerospace, industrial and power generation industries.

What differentiates the site from its peers is a focus on projects – real, tangible examples of the firm’s work. Too often, companies use their web sites to harp on their perceived skills through long lists and narratives. Through direct conversations with clients, however, you often discover that the integration of certain skills is more highly valued than any particular skill. Whether combining physics with fluid dynamics or electrical properties with thermal dynamics, Design By Analysis creates wholes that are greater than the sums of their parts. Their project gallery showcases a growing number of innovations that were made possible by only through the integration of multiple scientific disciplines.

Built on the WordPress Content Management System, the site is fully editable by the client.

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