My friend Larry Cohen: A Rememberance

Posted on 29. Aug, 2012 by in Blog, Personal, Recent Company News

Jan and Larry Cohen — 2010 Super Bowl Party

We are saddened by the passing of our friend and colleague, Larry. He was a good friend of mine. I was so happy to see him 10 days ago at his home in Sanibel, Florida.  He was busy as ever, preparing for his yearly Hartford Business Journal November event and weekly columns, but looked tired. He never complained about his health, and was always ready to do interesting things. One of his last jobs was the editing and proofing an important blog and announcement of a new business I am launching. He was a great editor and proofer. He was a wonderful friend, a great husband to Jan who he was married to for 42 years.

I will miss his regular “clipping service” of articles he sent to me related to my interests, and his “coupon-based” restaurants we used for lunch (spicy was his passion) when he lived and worked here. Larry was a nostalgic person. He collected all sorts of “tchatzkies”. They were everywhere in his office — dozens of mugs, rulers, political buttons, etc. that were on the top of his “clipping” files which he referenced information for his opinion pieces.

But, it was the quality of his personality I will miss the most. He had a keen observation of the workings of our society — even if you didn’t believe his viewpoint — without me ever hearing him say a mean thing about any person. He was a kind, generous and a “mentsh” (Yiddish: An honorable, decent person, an authentic person, a person who helps you when you need help). We will miss him deeply. 

Take care “boychick” (Yiddish: for endearing and affectionate term for boy or man).

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