Listen Up: Open Source Will Change Your Business Too

Posted on 09. Jan, 2009 by in entrepreneurs, innovation

This morning’s In Business podcast from the BBC has some great information about the evolution of the open source movement. Listen here. Notable is that the Open Source movement is moving beyond software and extending into the physical world. It’s uncomfortable for a lot of businesses to think of something they have sold for years as “free” today. But, as we get smarter and as our economies mature, we become less and less willing to pay for the commodity building blocks of our organizations: project management software, email, etc.

Regardless of the industry you are in, open source will affect you in some way, making your organization look less and less different than your competitors. For young entrepreneurs, this will be immediately evident. But for mature organizations, Open Source is going to make them lean, fast. The smartest ones will leverage it now. The others will face a whole host of competition.

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