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Since 1985, I have been an evangelist for Steve Jobs and Apple. If it wasn’t for the Macintosh computer, my company probably wouldn’t exist today. When people ask me how did I start my business and why did I name it First Experience Communication, they go hand-in-hand. I named my business in honor and memory of my and many other families who came to America via Ellis Island in the early part of the 20th Century. I also migrated to Connecticut in 1981 when I got married, and was working out of our apartment in Rocky Hill, CT on a educational project for school children that celebrated the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Centennials.

I formed my business in 1983 and a short time later I had the fortune to meet an Apple rep who offered me to do beta testing on a new computer call a Macintosh along with the software — MacWrite, MacPaint, and MacDraw. The early Macs had very little memory, but I saw the potential of creating documents such as brochures, newsletters, and ads. The aha! moment came when Apple created a Mac with a hard drive with 1 megabyte of memory. It was then that I was able to create a public relations and marketing business around the Macintosh computer. I was able to create brochures, newsletters, and all types of collateral without using typesetting and traditional comps for clients and printers. I was able to create an integrated copy, graphic, and layout using a new desktop system called Pagemaker. It was also beta software. I was able to create documents in half the time and cost. Soon, dozens of clients were coming to me to do their collateral. Basically, I was first on the block to see the tremendous potential of these new technical tools.

It was interesting that printers, typesetters and other design firms did not jump into the fray, but I also realized that pretty soon I would have competition in the desktop world. From this opportunity I was able to capitalize my business, hire staff, and move into a real office in Glastonbury, CT. Of course, I have a come a long way since those time, but have always appreciated and used the devices Steve Jobs has created. I tip my hat and honor the contribution he has made to the creative field I am in and for the many others who have created businesses around Apple products. My only regret is when was almost sold to Sun for a few dollars a share in 1995. I had a chance right to purchase Apple shares at $4 each when Jobs was coming back to lead Apple again. I should have bite into the apple, but I have no regrets today. I also had the pleasure of meeting him in the 1980s when their was a annual Mac conference in Boston.

Being an evangelist takes faith in yourself, the people around you, and living day-to-day the best you can for yourself and fellow mankind.

Thank you Steve Jobs for giving us the means to an end.

The original 26 year old Mac on display in my office.

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