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Today, we’re celebrating the work of one of our former interns, Steve Lin. He has since moved on to the mobility division of Accenture. As a member of the FEC team, he helped us analyze the value of the vast array of digital challenges facing our clients. As a shining example of his work, here is Steve’s position paper on e-reality, the growing force that changes our perceptions of organizations and relationships.


What Is E-Reality?

Throughout history, there has been consistent documentation of how nature and social forces impact people. What is more important to understand in this day and age, is how the Internet affects us as social beings.

E-Reality is the domain of influence the Internet has in determining what people believe to be true and how that impacts behavior and attitude. This white paper interprets the process of E-Reality by discussing recent developments in 1) how people communicate and exchange information and 2) how people form perceptions and opinions of organizations and institutions.

The Changing World and Web 3.0

In the real world immediately prior to the Internet era, communication was a manageable activity. The extent of our inter-personal interactions were limited by the number of people we would meet up with or reach by phone during the day. Our knowledge base was also limited by what we would read about and see in the physical world.

>>> Download the full white paper

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