Diplomacy is the art of someone else letting you have your way.

Posted on 09. Jan, 2008 by in business development, core competencies, core values, our philosophy, selecting an agency

This is one of my favorite sayings from Daniel Varé, a French Diplomat. A great thought indeed, but how do you do it without being malicious and deceitful. This simple idea is sometimes key to taming the ego of people who you work with or in order to get the job done right. Coming up with creative solutions sometimes takes people out of their comfort zone. At times, I hear “I don’t like it or I don’t understand what that has to do with your solving the problem.” I have dealt with this type of challenge for over 25 years. It has been our job to educate clients about getting away from “gut” reactions to understanding that we have a solution which will work. This kind of experience has allowed me to lead an enterprise that integrates the emotional and logical solutions. Marrying these two is our stock in trade.

This poignant observation from David Ogilvy’s Confession of an Advertising Man supports this notion about what an agency’s value is to its clients and employees, “Running an agency takes vitality, and sufficient resilience…Above all, the head of an agency must know how to delegate. My success or failure as the head of an agency depends more than anything else on my ability to find people who can create great campaigns…” And may I add, find the good clients and projects that challenge us.

Our job is to provide a variety of services and skills to help a business gain an edge in the marketplace, establish communications with its targeted audience, built on its good name to ensure its survival. Our firm works closely with clients in intensive sessions to learn the values, history and resources of an organization, becoming a trusted partner in the process of defining an organizations’ goals by providing general services, including counseling, objective analysis and research, evaluation, and training.

In a sense, clients reach far beyond their experience and knowledge, and trust us with their core value beliefs. We never know what sits in the unconscious part of a mind. We are counselors who use extensive experience and our collective wisdom to determine the best way for achieving measurable results. Benefits of creating and implementing a marketing and public relations program must have the following attributes by:

  • establishing and sustaining credibility and trust to an organization’s audiences;
  • protecting an organization’s brand name and position in the marketplace;
  • increasing value-added visibility in the marketplace; and
  • developing prestige by association.

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