Count Your Blessings

Posted on 08. Oct, 2008 by in core values, our philosophy

October 2008 with the leaves turning that wonderful rainbow of colors, family, friends, business associates, and clients keep asking me — “Are we going to be okay?”

A few nights ago, I went to the annual Leadership Greater Hartford’s Polaris awards. This event recognizes and honors selfless individuals who practice what they preach. And that is — “We are only as good as we help each other”.

For a few hours, the hundreds of attendees were touched by the great stories the honorees told us. It was a blissful moment of what really matters in the world. But what topped off the evening for me, I ran into an old friend, Mary Gayle Harrison, who I haven’t seen in several years. I tapped her on the shoulder and said ENTP (Myers Briggs lingo), and right away we bothed laughed knowing what it means. We gave each other a hug, and I asked her how she is doing. Well, both us had open heart surgery, but she said in her very heartfelt way, “For the grace of God, I live another day.” Yes, let’s put the economy in perspective. We live another day and we will figure out what to do. And yes, please count your blessings.


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