Thank you for reading our brief introduction to interactive sales and marketing.

Our goal is to help you think about your web site in a different way – as a market research tool, as a point of differentiation from your competitors, and as part of your measurable sales data. Design is the tip of the iceberg – the real value of your web presence is its connection to sales, and that’s where we excel. Our experience with complex (and long) sales cycles and integrated campaigns helps businesses generate leads, not just site visits.

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We offer straightforward solutions for all sizes and types of business.

Level 1

If you want your organization to have a distinctive web presence to send a prospective customer or donor, then this package is for you. Sites in this range include:

  • Unique design
  • Standards compliant page templates
  • Full control over the content (text, images) through a content management system (CMS)
  • Visitor tracking and call tracking
  • Training
  • One Contact Form

Level 2

Once you determine that there are dozens of other organizations that are competing for the attention of your audiences, you’re ready for this level. In addition to Level 1, we include:

  • Analysis of your competitor’s sites and internet strategies
  • Creation of an internet advertising strategy
  • Rewrite of your content for Search Engine Optimization and site visitors
  • Creation of unique content to make your site stand out (e.g. original photography, original illustrations)
  • Web advertising using Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing
  • E-newsletter system

Level 3

A rich online experience for all site visitors with multiple opportunities for them to connect with your business. In addition to Level 1 and 2, this includes:

  • Market analysis of your clients and prospects – phone interviews, analysis of customer data
  • Direct mail campaign to encourage off-line customers to shift to a web model where their behavior can be measured (e.g. Did they open the newsletter? Are they buying/donating online to reduce your transaction costs.
  • Well-designed presence on major social networks
  • Comprehensive measurement systems that track your brand online, measure the effectiveness of advertising and e-newsletter campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization