For over 25 years we have helped Connecticut’s public school districts reach their communities with timely relevant information. As a result, they have been able to weather tough times and maintain increasing levels of student achievement.


With predicted declining enrollment in our public schools, the public will want to know why budgets will keep increasing. Educating the community involves creating a sustained and dedicated communication effort. Demonstrating the value of a public education of our children to whole community has to involve a plan of action. Contact us to learn how your district can create a communication and community relations program.


Sample Campaigns

Each district has a unique set of goals. Some need to accommodate growing student populations. Others need to adapt to the changing needs of curriculum. We have addressed many of these diverse issues in towns and districts that are similarly diverse.

These case studies provide some of the scenarios your district may be facing, and illustrate how we developed and executed a strategic communications plan:

Avon (PDF 64KB)

South Windsor (PDF 92KB)

New Britain (PDF (68KB)

Regional District 15 (PDF 1.7MB)


Position Papers & Tip Sheets

Smart Marketing Your School District During Tough Times (PDF 156KB)

Public Education in America: The Tide is Turning…Is Your District Prepared? (PDF 100KB)

Publishing an E-Newsletter Builds Support for your School District: Making the Case (PDF 252KB)

Building Trust in Your Community – The Role of Public Relations in Times of Change and Uncertainty (PDF 28KB) (Published in CABE Journal)


Sample Portfolio

Once communications plans are complete, we can provide a full range of services to deliver your message, including district-wide mailing,  print and web design, and on-site meetings and counsel.

Region 15 Newsletter 1 (PDF 128KB)

  • explains value of e-newsletter system

Region 15 Newsletter 2 (PDF 324KB)

  • explains district strategic planning

South Windsor Newsletter (PDF 740KB)

  • includes sample survey

Rocky Hill Newsletter (PDF 400KB)

  • includes sample survey



First Experience Communications serves all regions of the state and all DRGs (District Reference Groups). We have also been retained by the State Department of Education, Magnet Schools and various early childhood development projects.

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