Vice President

With over 20 years experience in strategic planning and account management, I focus on delivering market counsel, planning and management.

Drawn to creative exploration and human interaction, I chose a career in photography and marketing communications. During the 1980s I was a freelance photographer working with various political and commercial clients. I realized that running a small business was a lonely endeavor, so I began to search for ways to combine my visual talent and marketing expertise in a field where I could utilize my core strengths — common sense, business logic, resourcefulness and creativity. I joined First Experience Communications in 1987 and have been an integral part of the firm’s growth — adding new clients; examining new markets and business opportunities; and introducing new marketing practices.

Creative problem solving is essential in our line of work. I begin each client relationship focused on what needs to be achieved to strategically align market planning with the business goals of each company. Taking initiative and sharing responsibility for outcomes has resulted in the types of relationships I seek — long term, built on trust, connection and commitment with client relationships lasting more than five years.

I am grateful to have work that I love — that blends with my personal life and values. The people I work with believe in sharing ideas openly, we work on teams and don’t believe in hierarchy. We are other-oriented and objective.

I find reward in taking risks in business and life in general. I built my own home on the Farmington River where I spend free time white water paddling and mountain biking. I spend weekends in my photography studio, shooting portraits and landscapes of the people and places I love. I recently  participated in the Leadership Greater Hartford Program. Our team created a multi-media, film/photo journalism production about the experience of being a foster child in Connecticut,  told through the eyes of the foster children themselves.