General Manager

As general manager at FEC, I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades of sorts. I merge my creative and pragmatic sides to meet general account needs for our broad range of clients, and I manage day-to-day office operations. I am also able to tap my background in photography to offer our clients in-house quality photography services. Prior to joining FEC, I was general manager at Roxbury Twain Publishing in Suffield, Conn. and general manager for bePuzzled, a Bloomfield-based manufacturer of specialty jigsaw puzzles.

I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and consider it both my work and my passion. To me, a photograph captures a piece of a story and my photography allows me to share the stories I discover. It has been rewarding for me to be able to help our clients at FEC share their stories through the images that I capture with my lens. One of my proudest accomplishments has been my involvement in the creation of photo libraries, which can be used to communicate our clients’ stories for years to come.

What I find particularly special about working at FEC is the level of comfort that we share as a team. We respect each other and we are not afraid to voice our opinions for the benefit of the client. Being a small company, we are able to react quickly to situations and think out of the box. One way we meet client needs is by keeping up with evolving technology. This is a big challenge for many companies, but we stay in front of the latest technology trends in order to better serve our clients.

I am a proud mother first and foremost. I take great pleasure in raising my two children to be kind, inquisitive and respectful of nature. Of course, photography and being creative are also a large part of my life outside of work.

On Photography

“The essence of creative photography is in us – not in the camera, not in the subject, not in the technology, not in the photographic artifact. And, by extension, because each one of us is a different and unique person, our response to a place – i.e., a photographic subject – is (or can be) unique, too.” Brooks Jensen, LensWork No. 71

Bon Fire, Harvest Moon 2007 Sharing Great Blue Herring on Prince Edward Island