A lunchtime stroll…

Posted on 16. Apr, 2010 by in Blog

I took a 2 mile walk on the Riverwalk Path along the Connecticut River in Glastonbury yesterday afternoon which is a mile from my office. The waters have receded from the many inches of rain we received a few weeks ago. There were water marks on the trees and shrubs that are over 15 feet above the current river level.

It was a pleasure to have great weather and a quiet moment to myself, and to be in a place where I could forget the daily challenges. I am fortunate to live and work in Glastonbury where open space has been set aside for us, and future generations to enjoy. So, I recommend that you take a stroll during the day in a natural setting that will bring you pleasure and perspective, even if only for a hour or so.

Here are some photos I took along the walk. These natural works of art are complements of mother nature.

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