White House calls Ira Yellen to discuss mentoring and internship to spur the economy

Posted on 22. Jan, 2012 by in Blog, business development, community, economic development, entrepreneurs

Your Ideas for Putting Americans Back to Work

Interview from the White House

Back in November, for the latest installment of the White House’s Advise the Advisor series, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Nancy-Ann DeParle asked Americans for their ideas for executive actions or steps that President Obama could take, without waiting for Congress to act, to help out middle class families and small business and put Americans back to work.

Over 18,000 people sent in their ideas, both for actions that the Administration can take, as well as ideas for community actions that non-profits, state and local governments, companies and individuals can take to help grow the economy. For the past few months a team of folks at the White House have combed through the comments. However, we didn’t just read these submissions and file them away.

In fact, Nancy-Ann DeParle called Ira from Glastonbury, Connecticut to discuss his idea to encourage businesses to get involved in youth mentoring and internship programs.  Listen to the discussion between Ira Yellen and Nancy DeParle.

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