Webinar: Relationship Building Presentation

Posted on 06. May, 2009 by in Blog, interactive, public relations

On the May 22 webinar, we talked about the relationship building, and how technology has changed the way businesses can reach their audiences. Here’s a quick summary of the presentation:

  1. What is a customer relationship?
  2. How does the social media environment affect relationship building?
  3. Improve or complement relationship through Social Media?

Most people are satisfied to buy from a businessperson they like and trust. If there is a good product or service, it won’t be necessary to push it – raising awareness is good enough especially in these times. Many organizations are holding off purchases until the economy stabilizes.

Internally: It has become common to talk about the value of human relationships in the workplace. If each of us had $5 for every time a manager has said, “Employees are our greatest asset” we’d all be rich.

Externally: Relationships with clients and customers is the lifeblood of an organization. The personal bond and trust necessary to build a healthy relationship must continually be reinforced

Social media tools can be used to listen as well as communicate. Analyzing blogs, Facebook entries, tweets and LinkedIn updates can help us better understand our clients, customers and employees. Learn what they like and don’t like. Find out what is frustrating or exciting them. You may uncover new business opportunities or a chance to connect.

Ira Yellen Webinar Presenter

Thank you to the participants who were on the webinar call today. Here isĀ  a link to the presentation http://ttmllc.wpengine.com/docs/HistoryRelationshipsPart1.pdf

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