A Heads-up for you Web Site Marketing.

The competitors you know and the new entrants you don’t know are using all kind of tactics to position themselves as viable alternatives to your company. As your prospects face time and cost constraints and employee turnover, they will inevitably turn to your competitors via the web. How many times do you turn to the web to find something cheaper, quicker, and more convenient? The same logic applies to business.

In other words, this has significantly helped us to promote our brand, gain market penetration, and grow our business.
– Christopher Davis, Hartford Financial Management

With accurate data, you can make informed decisions about your marketing investments: ads, web site, outbound calling campaigns, direct mail. Those integral business functions can be as accurately measured as your monthly accounting statements. And the currency is now quality leads, not “impressions” or “brand awareness”. Websites are part of this mix. This is how we encourage our clients to use them. They are not a panacea for your marketing and sales efforts by themselves. NOTE: The sites below reflect our best work we have done over time. Some of our past clients have redesigned their site, and therefore we are not providing a link.


CVG Webpage

DBA Webpage

Payveris Webpage

OSDA Webpage

AIF Case Study

Morrow Case Study

Habco Case Study

Open Solutions Case Study

AIF Webpage



Best of Care Webpage

EMB Webpage

Alternity Health Webpage

HMK Webpage


Non-Profit / Education

C8 Webpage

Mt. St. John Webpage

CPA Webpage

Everybody Wins CT

Oak Hill Webpage

CCC Webpage

Oak Hill Case Study

CCC Case Study