Non-Profits Online Donation Trends

Posted on 15. Mar, 2011 by in Blog

Non-profits and large associations that we work with are increasingly aware of the importance of online donations. Collecting donations online has several advantages. The labor and staff time to process each transaction is minimized. Contact information is collected on the spot. And, with good measurement, many donations can be traced back to the campaigns that generated them, making future marketing decisions better informed.

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But, just throwing up a “Donate” button is not enough to nurture the generosity of your audience. A non-profit’s site design and value messaging have a profound effect on on-line giving.

Web usability expert Jakob Nielsen’s “Donation Usability: 58 Design Guidelines for Improving the Donation Process and the Usability of Essential Information on Charity and Non-Profit Websites” demonstrates the effect of various strategies on donation habits. It points out the good, the bad, the unique and the frustrating – issues that the visitors you work so hard to attract to your site, experience every time.


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