If it's Tuesday it is garbage pick up day, but wait if it isn't it's…..

Posted on 06. Jul, 2010 by in Blog

Again, customer service is in short supply even when it has to do with garbage pick up. It has been customary for our home garbage service to pick up our trash on Tuesday morning, but if a holiday falls on Monday then it would then be picked up the following day.

Well, this past July 4th holiday which was a federal and state holiday on July 5th, our trash service didn’t follow the normal procedure to pick up the garbage a day later. I called them and said, “I saw that some of my neighbors put their garbage out and was picked up today and I thought you would pick up on Wednesday.”

But this is when the phone call got really weird. The customer service rep said Monday was not a holiday, July 4th was the holiday. I pointed out that the legal federal and state holiday was July 5th just like the last Monday in May is the legal holiday for Memorial Day. But then she said we don’t recognize federal or state holidays. Anyway, you can imagine this “dada” discussion was going nowhere.

The moral of this story is: “Garbage, is garbage, is garbage, is garbage” except on July 5th is July 4th…

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