HABCO – A Leader in our Business Community

Posted on 08. Jul, 2009 by in Blog, business development

HABCO, Inc., a long-time client of ours, is beginning a new cycle of expansion and growth, implementing a  strategy and plan that we’ve developed with them over the course of several months. The way they conduct themselves as an organization is a great example of leadership for our region and our state.

As part of its strategy, HABCO has taken active roles in several communities and has begun creating new ones. Though “community” is often marginalized in business (especially in ones focused on short-term gains), community and relationships form the foundation for real growth.

How do they lead the community?

HABCO, a manufacturer of testing solutions to the aeropace and alternative energy markets, provides rich experiences for engineering interns from several state universities including Central Connecticut and UConn. Through their board participation with the Connecticut Technology Council, they advocate for local entrepreneurship and collaborations to attract the best companies and individuals to the region. CEO, Kristin Muschett, helps organize unique opportunities for Glastonbury’s public schools, through her work on the town’s education foundation. The list goes on, but always remains focused on building a community of people who care about the future.

The latest

And, HABCO, is going even further to initiate new communities by educating a new generation of precision manufacturers – laser drillers. They’ve partnered with the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) and LASERDYNE (U.K.) to introduce the industry to a new method of manufacturing (closed-loop drilling/testing for those of you who are interested). More importantly, they took the initiative to welcome partners and peers to their live demonsatration and seminar, organize a relevant agenda for participants and produce an online version of the event for the international audiences developing in this area.

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