First Experience Communications Mentors Connecticut Innovations Startup

Posted on 15. Jul, 2011 by in Blog, economic development, entrepreneurs

Shizzlr, a model company for the Connecticut Startup Economy, is growing quickly and efficiently, thanks to a committed group of mentors, investors and advisors. We’ve been helping them build a marketing communications strategy, while our other colleagues are assisting them with legal, accounting and financing.

Check out the update in the premiere issue of the Business Edge from the Connecticut Department of Economic Development.

Here is an except from the article:

“…Upon arrival at CTech, the Shizzlr co-founders received a list of pro bono business advisors who kept office hours at the incubator. The advisors were “on tap” for any tenant who needed assistance. Because Shizzlr needed a wide range of business advisory services, this list proved to be infinitely valuable…(Charlie) Moret, who oversees the CTech incubators, then shared with CTech tenants information about a marketing and public relations firm that would be offering pro bono assistance to CTech participants, First Experience Communications. Shizzlr jumped on this opportunity and has now been working with the firm for a few months, receiving advice on its overall marketing strategy as well as help with a targeted marketing campaign.”



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