Enterprising with "Mr Spock" aka Leonard Nimoy

Posted on 29. Jul, 2010 by in Blog, Recent Company News

I am proud to be part of an exhibit that feature a photo of me and 40 other personalities that Leonard Nimoy photographed for a new exhibit and book. There is an article in the NYTimes that features the new exhibit at the MoCA in North Adams. MA. Please visit it to see a great photographer at work from one who wants to be one. There was also an interview Leonard Nimoy did with Joy Behar (The Joy Behar Show) on CNN who is also a co-host on The View.

From the NY Times: “Secret Selves,” an exhibition of 26 color photographs, 11 of them life size,  at Mass MoCA ; it is Mr. Nimoy’s first solo show at a major museum. He got the idea for it from the passage in Plato’s “Symposium” speculating that humans were originally double-sided creatures, split apart by jealous gods and doomed forever to seek their lost other halves. Over a couple of very long days in 2008, he photographed 95 or so residents of nearby Northampton, Mass., who had been encouraged to reveal their hidden natures any way they chose.”

Here are photos taken at the Michelson Gallery, Northampton, MA and the Opening at MoCA. The photographer was Seth Kaye.

Ira and Leonard with Autographed Book

Ira and Leonard Nimoy at MoCA Opening

Ira at MoCA opening with guests

Leonard Nimoy Photo of Ira (Camera extra!)

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