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In times like this, the words stimulus, recovery and growth are being thrown out to the public as if, by tomorrow, everything will be fixed. But there are great opportunities for businesses and organizations to help society. In Connecticut, the state government’s focus is on workforce development, which translates into saving or creating jobs. Like most things, the devil is in the details. Almost every interest group has an opinion on how to to do this, but the following organization is taking real action.

As part of this initiative TECNA, an organization that represents technology councils in Canada and the United States had their semi-annual conference in Baltimore this month. With the Obama stimulus plan being implemented, technology companies represented by TECNA will have a major role in transforming the workplace and the efforts needed to compete in a new worldwide economic development framework. Below is a highlight of the association.

Mission Statement: We build strong technology associations that help drive the innovation economy

TECNA serves its members and the industry through its strong peer-to-peer network and its regional initiatives to raise the visibility and viability of the technology industry.

TECNA represents over 40 IT and Technology trade organizations who, in turn, represent more than 16,000 technology-related companies in the North America. From East to West and North to South, there are TECNA members near you. Go to their site.The core of TECNA’s agenda is the sharing of best practices. Here is the technology agenda for 2009-10

  1. STEM/Workforce development (science, technology, engineering and math initiatives)
  2. Healthcare IT (Advances in healthcare IT to help with accessibility and affordability)
  3. Broadband Access (Universal access for all of America)
  4. Innovation Economics (Create a culture that encourages new and innovated ideas)

To learn more go to TECNA.

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