Being creative and civil to one another in tough times

Posted on 24. Jan, 2009 by in Uncategorized

Times like these require all of us to look at ourselves and say what role will we play in creating a sustainable community that is based upon trust and caring for one another. As the bible says, “Give, and it shall be given to you. For whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return.” How appropriate.

Given endless resources anyone can look creative and generous, but given limited resources creativity becomes more challenging. This is time we are in. How can we solve what seem insurmountable problems and be creative, and support each other’s needs. They go hand in hand.

What does this mean to an organization that is trying to survive during recessionary times. Once you come to grips that we are all in this together, amazing things can occur. Ideas and projects that have been put off should be examined again. History shows that during trying times, new creative ideas become more accessible to society. The 1870s created the Impressionist movement. World War I changed our culture and society. The Depression brought about an art movement that made us look at ourselves. World War II changed the world and the arts.

This time is similar to those eras. The whole world has been affected by an economic tsunami. A transformational time is at hand politically, culturally, and socially. We should embrace it and take advantage of the need for all us to be civil and helpful to one another. That is what creativity is all about — limited resources give us a great opportunity to use our left and right brain equally and positively.

Paint a blank canvas with your ideas.

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