Recognition for Ira Yellen

  • April 1985 -Annual Connecticut Associated Press Broadcasters Association Outstanding Achievement in Broadcasting Award with WFSB Eyewitness News Feature “Ellis Island”, a five-part series illustrating immigrants’ contributions to Connecticut’s economic growth. I provided the background for interviewing Ellis Island immigrants, historical data, and visual information. This was done in conjunction with the creation of supplementary education curriculum around the State of Liberty/Ellis Island Centennials.
  • December 1997 – Annual Service Award for Outstanding Service to the Connecticut Valley Chapter of PRSA for over 12 years of service and leadership to the Chapter and the profession. Under my 12 years of leadership: the Chapter’s by-laws were rewritten; Mercury Annual Awards were created and modeled after the Silver and Bronze Anvils; membership increased by over 15%; Connecticut’s first PRSSA Chapter was created at the University of Hartford; and future officers and committee chairs were recruited.
  • May 2001 – International Community Leadership Association Distinguished Leadership Award for Exemplary Service and Commitment to the Community, Annual Conference, and Greensboro, NC
  • December 2002 – Annual Outstanding Practioner Award by the Connecticut Valley Chapter
  • October 2003 – Annual Award from the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits for helping and supporting Connecticut non-profits’ efforts in the statewide campaign “Face of Nonprofits”
  • October 2006 – Inducted into PRSA College of Fellows, an honorific society of the 400 plus national communication leaders that recognizes the accomplishments in the field of public relations
  • January 2007, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce, President’s Award



  • CT Art Directors Club Excellence Award (Recognition for FEC holiday souvenir book) – 2006Project: Holiday Souvenir Heritage Recipe BookFEC created a heritage holiday recipe book combining staff family recipes and anecdotes and photographs
  • Web Marketing Association Web Excellence Award (Recognition for creating an effective website) – 2006Project: Interactive website. A comprehensive website hightlighting Open Solutions product and services for community banks and credit unions. (Read More)
  • PRSA Mercury Gold (Recognition for supporting creative people during difficult economic times) – 2003Project: First Experience Studio: A Space for Creative Exploration.FEC sought to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace by showing how its values of leadership, community and social awareness strengthen its client relationships and creative solutions.
  • PRSA Mercury Silver (Recognition for creating a readable and easy to understand how-to health insurance guide for employees) – 1998Project: United Healthcare Employee Healthcare guide. A booklet was created to help employees understand the various plans offered by the employer and United Healthcare
  • PRSA Bronze Anvil (Recognition for branding and positioning our agency) – 1996Project: Measuring Results. First Experience Communications designed a compelling capibilities image piece highlighting accountability and results for our clients
  • Print’s Regional Design Annual (Recognition for image brochure) – 1995Project: Measuring Results. First Experience Communications designed a compelling capibilities image piece highlighting accountability and results for our clients
    IABC Bronze Quill Award of Excellence – 1995Project: Measuring Results.First Experience Communications designed a compelling capibilities image piece highlighting accountability and results for our clients
  • PRSA Bronze Anvil (Recognition for using new application technology) – 1994Project: Visual Data Tool. First Experience Communications in congjuncton with computer programmers designed a computer-based tool that combined visual and financial data for the media market
  • CT Associated Press Broadcasters Assn. (Award of Excellence) – 1985Project: Ellis Island Educational Series.Ira Yellen in conjunction with Gerry Brooks presented an Eyewitness News Feature by providing background material and visual material for WFSB series on Ellis Island Centennial.


  • PRSA Mercury Gold (Recognition for Media, Community and Public Policy Campaign) – 2008 Project: The objective was to elevate the profile and position of Oak Hill as a trusted leader in Connecticut among care providers for people with disabilities by publishing a thought-provoking response to a tragedy that shook the people of Connecticut
  • PRSA Mercury Gold (Recognition for Community and Media Relations Campaign) – 2008 Project: An urgent need to find a marrow donor match to save a young doctor’s life engaged First Experience Communications in an unprecedented campaign to give localized media relations support in cities across the U.S. to help grassroots volunteers hold successful community registration drives to boost the number of South Asians on the National Marrow Donor Registry.
  • PRSA Mercury Gold (Recognition for Community Relations and Public Policy Campaign) – 2007 Project: CPCA Health Safety Net Campaign. The Connecticut Primary Care Association which advocates for its member community health centers, needed to educate state policy makers and local elected officials on the value and role community health centers play as one of Connecticut’s largest health care systems to substantiate their multi-million dollar request for bond funding. The cornerstone educational piece would be a video information piece.
  • PRSA Mercury Gold (Recognition for Community Relations and Parent Involvement Campaign) – 2004 Project: PACK-Parents and Communities for Kids. Research shows when parents take responsibility for their children’s learning, children are more successful. This was the catalyst behind Parents And Communities for Kids “PACK”, which began as a low income, grassroots initiative in the New Haven area of Connecticut.
  • CT Association of Non Profits Appreciation Award (Recognition for supporting Non Profit Organizations in CT) – 2003 Project: The Face of Non Profits. The Face of Nonprofits is a testament to the 11,000 Connecticut nonprofit organizations and the 150,000 people who serve the 3.3 million people of Connecticut. Through the use of visual interpretation, in the form of a 24” x 36” composite poster and supporting photo exhibit, CAN was able to present the unique characters, personalities, and stories of the people who serve and are served by nonprofits across the state.
  • PRSA Mercury Gold (Recognition for creating an image and marketing recruitment campaign) – 2002 Project: 25th Anniversary Marketing and Branding Campaign. With the 25th Anniversary of LGH in 2001, a strategic marketing communications plan to position LGH as the foremost Leadership program in the Greater Hartford area (29 towns/cities) was launched.


  • National Council for Public Relations and Marketing Gold Medallion of Excellence (Recognition for creating an effective Community College recruitment interactive tool) – 2006 Project: CD/Video Community College Promotional Program. The 12 CT Community Colleges wanted an interactive CD recruitment tool for high school guidance departments and parents promoting the community college experience.
  • PRSA Mercury Gold (Recognition for creating a comprehensive recruitment campaign) – 2006 Project: Springfield Community College Marketing Campaign. First Experience Communications reviewed the college’s current marketing and communication strategy, perform research to assess the current situation, and develop and implement a plan to improve and re-brand the college’s image in its marketplace and boost new student enrollment.
  • PRSA Mercury Gold (Recognition for recruiting the Hispanic population to enroll at a Higher Education Program) – 2005 Project: Hispanic Enrollment Campaign. Capital Community College, Hartford, CT, needed to increase its Latino student population to 25% of the school’s overall total enrollment to qualify for a Federal grant called Title V, which would add approximately 3 million dollars to the college’s budget.
  • PRSA Mercury Gold (Recognition for promoting the Gates Foundation Leadership Program) – 2003 Project: Technology for Leadership & Learning in CT. The Department of Educational Leadership in the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut was charged with coordinating the rollout of a statewide program to create systemic school change to enhance teaching and learning through leadership development to support technology integration.
  • PRSA Mercury Gold (Recognition for Community Relations and Public Policy Campaign) – 2000 Project: Hartford School Readiness Campaign and Public Awareness Campaign. To inform the community of the importance and availability of school readiness opportunities, creating an integrated marketing/communications strategy that will reach the various audiences, e.g., young parents, referral community agencies, community groups, etc., in order to enroll as many 3 and 4 year olds as possible in a 1999 marketing campaign.