A Client Could Leave at Any Time

Posted on 01. Jan, 2008 by in our philosophy

Everyday I come to work, I visualize that all our clients left. This type of edgy attitude keeps me on my toes, forcing me to explore how to serve clients in new and better ways. It is too easy to get complacent by taking clients for granted. Without the trust, leadership, and relationship building day-in and day-out with our clients, no amount of creative and servicing will keep them loyal for the long-term.

Let me give you the last chapter first. I am not a wizard who will give you the “Holy Grail” in order to solve systemic or non-solvable organizational problems. I will counsel you on best practices and common sense solutions. I will not talk about skill sets and servicing, and I will not indulge in the “I feel your pain” exercise. My only goal is to help you with sound creative ideas on “marketing the business” for profitability.

We cannot be the “shoemaker’s son/daughter” when we are asked to create a sustainable brand identity program for an organization that incorporates strategic planning, image and identity development, and the implementation of a marketing communications plan.

I will be able to pass on experiences that have allowed me to operate my firm in an efficient and effective manner for over 25 years. I learn just as much from my peers, staff, clients and even an intern as I do from trial and error. It is important to understand that personal requirements (financial, family, community, spiritual, etc.) will come first. As selfish as that sounds, without that mindset, it is impossible to run an agency successfully, and therefore, be a leader for the staff, clients, and community.

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