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After completing 4 years of classroom training at Central Connecticut State University, I’ve started my adventure into the actual working world at First Experience Communication Agency.  I wish to share my experience as an Intern at FEC with the community and my recently graduated classmates. My desire is that sharing insight on what it’s like to be an Intern will encourage others to explore Marketing at FEC as a career path.

I am a Graphic Designer, prior to starting my Internship with FEC, I had a few student exchange internship experiences.  I also took it upon myself to research freelance opportunities in my area. Nothing has compared to the level of higher learning I have gained by working for FEC.

I was impressed right away. The Agency has a strong business presence and many reputable associations. I was officially welcomed into FEC by Ira Yellen, who gave an overview of the company’s history, personnel infrastructure, target markets for clientele, and future goals.  I was set up right away with email accounts, business cards and an introduction to FEC’s client projects. I have facilitated many web-based projects for FEC as well and logo design for clients. Being valued as a team member and not just another intern is great.

FEC is second to none when it comes to preparedness and background knowledge.  I am always being included on new and exciting opportunities in the fields we market to. Staying ahead of the curve is crucial to keeping up with the changing times and satisfying clients.  I feel linked in to the real business world as Ira is always sending me snippets of relevant info and current events.  FEC hosts a great learning environment where I am encouraged to ask questions, share ideas and execute important responsibilities. It’s a really great feeling when you realize something that you implemented helped a business succeed.

I am currently freelancing my design services in addition to working at FEC.  Thanks to FEC, I have been able to adapt my skills as a designer and utilize key business practices.  I am so grateful to Ira Yellen and Sheri Matheui who have given me invaluable advice and insight on being an independent businessperson.

I am glad I can work hard for something I believe in, I get the opportunity to learn from some of the smartest people I know, and I actually contribute to some of the most innovative and exciting digital projects out there.

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